Employment opportunities

Guidelines for applicants

Job category Office generalists (including sales administration staff)
Manufacturing administration staff
Place of work Kanagawa Prefecture (Odawara City, Atsugi City, Ebina City)
*Subject to transfer to Fukuoka Prefecture (Fukuoka City).
Duty hours ■Office staff
8:30 - 17:30

■Generalists and staff at manufacturing site

*Break: 60 minutes (75 minutes for staff at manufacturing site)
*Overtime hours: Average of 5.0 hours per month (record of FY 2016)
Salary ■For college graduates
Monthly: 210,000 yen (base pay of 150,000 yen plus adjustment allowance of 60,000 yen)

■For junior college, vocational college and technical college graduates
Monthly: 190,000 yen (base pay of 120,000 yen plus adjustment allowance of 70,000 yen)

*Salary during the trial period is same above.
Other allowances Commuting allowance based on regulations (up to 30,000 yen)
Allowance for overtime work / Position allowance
Raise in salary Yearly
Bonus Semiyearly
Holidays and leaves Shift system based on corporate calendar
Five-day workweek system (total number of annual holidays: 105)
Insurances Various social insurance equipping (health insurance, employees pension insurance, employment insurance and workers’ accident compensation insurance)
Necessary qualification ・Must be clean-cut, well-mannered and able to greet with attitude of politeness.
・Must be able to work with a diverse group of people to achieve requirements on projects.
・Must be fond of pork and interested in its distribution system.

*Applicants for generalists should have Japanese driving license (applicable with license restricted to automatic vehicle only).


If you are interested,
feel free to contact us.

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