Q&A about Waton Mochibuta

Waton Mochibuta

About “pork”

Q1. What determines the taste of pork?

A1. What brings out the taste and softness of the meat is fat. Pork fat melts at a lower temperature than beef and other meats, as 33°C to 45°C, that is close to human body temperature, so it feels soft and pleasant on the tongue. Thanks to this characteristics of fat, pork tastes good even after cooling.

Q2. What is the point to choose good pork?

A2. Choose lean part in shiny pale pink and fat in white or milky white with fine- and smooth-textured surface.

Q3. What is the nutritional value of pork?

A3. Pork has the highest vitamin B1 content among the meats, working for recovery from fatigue. In addition, pork variety meat, especially the liver, is rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2 which are effective for the health of eyes, skin and mucous membranes.

About “Waton Mochibuta”

Q1. What does the name “Waton Mochibuta” mean?

A1. In Japan, since early times, we have called soft and delicious meat with superb balance of firmness and elasticity as “Mochi-buta” after Japanese traditional “mochi" rice cake that shares the same characteristics. (“Buta” means pork or pig.) “Waton” suggests the deliciousness of pork that fits to Japanese tastes.

Q2. What kind of farms are involved in growth of "Waton Mochibuta"?

A2. “Waton Mochibuta” is grown on contracted farms of Global Pig Farms across Japan and all the farms share the mindset on "Waton Mochibuta”. Pigs are delicate and susceptible to hygienic conditions, so veterinarians specialized in the area of farmed pigs conduct regular visits to the farms to check the health of pigs and give advice on setting the optimal breeding environment.

Q3. What does "Waton Mochibuta" eat to grow?

A3. High-quality corns and soybean meal with the optimal amino acid balance and calorie composition for pigs are the basic ingredients. The formulation is changing according to the growth stage. Any ingredients the place of origin of which has not been fully certified are not used and only carefully selected ingredients are used for feeding regardless of prices.

Q4. Where can we get and eat “Waton Mochibuta”?

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