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Behind the deliciousness of Waton Mochibuta

What is Waton Mochibuta?

What is Waton Mochibuta?

Waton Mochibuta pork offers superb taste with subtly sweet flavor

"Mochibuta" is a word that has been used since ancient times, meaning soft and delicious pork.
The superb balance of firmness and elasticity and sweetness Waton Mochibuta pork offers are really impressive and unforgettable.
Waton Mochibuta is a brand of pork produced exclusively by Global Pig Farms, and its superior taste is the result of their passion, which is reflected in all aspects of the pig farming process from the creation of ideal breeding stock and breeding, production environment, to feed mixing and distribution.

Healthy, safe and secured pork

For the healthy growth of pigs, a specialized team of veterinariansconducts regular pig health management check from the perspective of preventive medicine.

Color, fat, texture and mouthfeel

Color"Beautifully shiny pink”Fat"Light and refreshing and can be preserved for days”Texture"Superbly fine and smooth with natural firmness”Mouthfeel"Firm yet tender and juicy”

Fresh deliciousness
to be delivered quickly

Delivery within 24 hoursis our basic motto,so we establish the speedy distribution systemto deliver the meat in optimal condition.