Management system of Waton Mochibuta

Integrated management from breeding to distribution and sales

Global Pig Farms, the producer of Waton Mochibuta, thinks it important to build a comprehensive system that integrates the entire process from breeding to consumption in order to deliver safe and delicious pork to consumers.
Parties, that are respectively undertaking three roles of manufacturing, distribution (including Nippon Best Meat Co., Ltd.) and sales, share the concept on safety and quality management for production of highest quality pork, and observe strict rules in temperature and quality controls through all the process from manufacturing to distribution and sales at shops. Global Pig Farms call this system and philosophy supporting the system as ”pork production chain.”

Integrated management from breeding to distribution and sales

Nippon Best Meat Co., Ltd. is involved in

the manufacturing process of “Waton Mochibuta” from the development,
working as a distribution partner

exclusive to
Global Pig Farms.


Beautifully shiny pink-colored pork

Pursuing an ideal meat quality suited to the eating habits of Japanese people and ensuring the uniform quality by reducing individual differences are our challenges. In order to clear these, we have continued to select top 5% of our pigs with potential of quality meat and superior productivity as parent pings since 1978, and completed original foundation of Waton Mochibuta.

Finely textured shiny pork meat in beautiful pink color
Waton Mochibuta has a high reputation for its superb balance of tenderness and firmness. Breeding efforts are still continued toward the development of taste that fits to the latest trend.



Natural ingredients for healthier growth

The feed is made from high-quality corn and other natural ingredients as main ingredients, mixed in formulations not to speed up growth unnaturally, as well as not to include any ingredients the place of origin of which has not been fully certified.

Consistent feed quality ensures the health of porks and brings out the intrinsic deliciousness of their meat. (Number of ingredients blended for feeding Waton Mochibuta is more than 20.)



Health management supported with professional expertise

For the healthy growth of pigs, a specialized team of veterinarians conducts pig health management from the perspective of preventive medicine.